Fitness & Wellness Programs

High-quality therapeutic care to help pets truly enjoy life.


Rehabilitative Fitness Programs for Pets at ROC Pet Rehab

ROC Pet Rehab is committed to providing high-quality therapeutic care to help pets truly enjoy life. We strongly believe that consistent exercise is an essential component of the rehabilitation process, and we offer a wide range of fitness and wellness programs to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Rehabilitative Exercise Benefits

Rehabilitative exercise conditions your pet’s muscles, improves balance and mobility, and enhances healing and recovery. Interacting with your pet during a fitness program is also a great way to strengthen the human-animal bond – it really is fun for the whole family!

The ROC Pet Rehab team are experts in pet rehabilitation therapy, and our hospital features specialized equipment to deliver efficient results.

Our Key Supporting Tools
  • Underwater treadmill — The natural buoyancy of water provides resistance for an intense workout without too much impact on your pet’s joints.
  • Land treadmill — Pet treadmills are specially designed for animal safety and comfort. ROC Pet Rehab offers customized fitness programs on pet-friendly treadmills with appropriate ventilation and space.
  • Floor equipment (therapy balls, stairs, mats) — Floor exercise using therapy balls, mats, and stairs helps with stretching, balance, and range of motion. This type of physical therapy engages your pet’s muscles to help reduce joint stiffness and increase overall agility.
Customized For Your Pet
Our rehab workouts and wellness programs are always customized to your pet’s physical needs, and we monitor each session carefully to prevent further injury from excessive activity. Each therapeutic exercise is designed to provide a “pawsitive” path to wellness that’s functional and fun for your pet.

To learn more about our rehabilitation fitness programs, please contact us.